Specialty Pricing Programs

We offer two different programs geared toward helping you make a little extra money for yourself.

Bulk orders have two different pricing tiers available.

Order over 25 items of the Signature Design and receive 45% off retail pricing

Order over 50 items of the Signature Design and receive 50% off retail pricing + a free shirt for every 50 shirts purchased

Pricing is locked in for reorders of the current Signature Design, but shipping charges will apply for less than 25 items on reorders.

Email sales@theholidaytees.com subject Bulk if you are interested in more information.

Fundraising sites

Exclusive site created for your organization to raise funds.  You are charged a flat rate per shirt sold and you set the pricing you charge your customers.  

Your customers order directly from your site.  Orders are either shipped directly to them or you can offer a group pick up location and receive weekly shipments.

At the end of the holiday season, you receive a payout.

You can choose to run your site for every holiday offered, select specific holidays, or have us send the design each run.  

Email sales@theholidaytees.com subject Fundraising if you are interested in more information.

Do you have a custom design you would like to use as a fundraiser?  The custom side of our business, Creator Designs, Inc, offers a fundraising program called Easy Tees’y, check it out and send us a message. We would love to help design your custom fundraiser.